10 reasons to hire a wedding videographer

Wedding Video Samples - A bride and groom are embracing

Why get a wedding videographer? With so many things to organise (and pay for!), a video of your special day might not have made it onto you ‘must-haves’ list.

But here are 10 reasons why a video of your special day, done by a professional, is well worth it.


1. Capture movement and sound

Unlike photographs, a wedding video captures both movement and sound, allowing you to remember your vows, the speeches, and the laughter in a way that photos alone can’t.

And surely you want to preserve evidence of Uncle Jim’s dancing?


2. Relive memories

You can experience your wedding day over and over by watching your wedding video. Lots of couples tell me they watch their video on their anniversaries as a special new tradition.


3. Share it with loved ones

For friends and family who couldn’t attend, seeing the video can make them feel a part of the day. And for those who were there, it will remind them of the wonderful time they had.


4. Professional quality

A wedding video shot and edited by a pro, with top-notch equipment,  is so much better than little clips with tinny sound from your friends’ phones.


5. Storytelling

A skilled videographer (such as myself) puts the footage together in a way that truly tells the story of your wedding day. The film will capture the atmosphere and emotions as well as the key events.


6. Highlight special moments

As well as the main events of the day, a video will show you the parts you couldn’t see, like the expressions on your families faces behind you as you said your vows. I also love catching the small moments that could get missed, like a tearful parent, children playing or a spontaneous dance-off.


7. Artistic perspective

A professional videographer uses their creativity and artistic skills while filming during the wedding day and when editing afterwards. This means your film will look and feel stunning as well as stir your emotions.


8. Emotional impact

Videos can evoke emotions even more powerfully than still images, bringing back the feelings of joy and love you experienced on your wedding day.


9. Long-term keepsake

Your wedding film will last forever. So not only will you be able to relive your day for the rest of your lives, but your grandchildren and great grandchildren can experience what your wedding was like.


10. Combine with photography

When you book an amazing videographer alongside your photographer you have a complete record of your wedding. You have photos to display at home and send to loved ones. And you have a video you can watch and relive the sights and sounds of your special day forever.



If you are getting married in Norfolk, Suffolk or Cambridgeshire and are thinking of having a wedding video, contact me. We can have a chat about your plans and ideas and how I can help make them happen.