Emma & Aaron at South Farm


My first meeting with Emma and Aaron happened over the phone as they live some distance away. Their photographer, Rafe, had suggested me when they asked about a wedding videographer. We chatted about my filming style and the way I do things. I explained that I take a documentary approach, blending into the background, capturing the moments as they unfold and adding music in the edit to create the polished end result. This was just what they were after, so we booked in the date.

This was the first time I had been to South Farm, though I returned there to for another wedding the year after Emma and Aaron’s. To prepare for the day, I used the gorgeous photos on the venue’s website to get a feel for the locations and spaces we could use.

I also had a chat with their photographer, to establish how we would work together on the day. Always an easy one: I let them lead! They often have formal group shots and couple shots they need to organise whereas I’m just filming whatever is happening. So I just need to keep out of the way and keep the camera rolling. And I get to capture the sweet ‘behind the scenes’ moments of these photo shoots, too.

The ceremony

Emma and Aaron booked me to film the bridal party getting ready right through until an hour after the first dance. Have a look at the Moonlight package if you would like the same.

The excitement and nerves when everyone is getting ready is always lovely to capture on film. As well as fun moments like Emma blowing her hair out of her face while the hair stylist got to work. As you can see from the highlight video, she was bursting with joyful giggles throughout the day. The beauty of having a wedding video means those laughs are preserved, and Emma and Aaron can watch them again whenever they want.

They were lucky with the weather: beautiful sunshine streamed down on their outdoor ceremony. So much so that some family and friends were provided with parasols for shade! The couple had written their own vows to go along with the legal wording. Their warmth, radiance and love shone through.

The celebration

After drinks on the lawn the food was served in South Farm’s Tudor Barn. The flowers and lights looked amazing, as did the sweet personal touches like the photos of the couple pegged around the walls.

Filming the speeches is always emotional, with plenty of laughter and tears. The two best men did their joint speech and presented the couple with a personalised football shirt.

Rafe (the photographer), Emma, Aaron and I walked the grounds of the venue together. When we spotted a shot one of us wanted, we consulted with each other to make sure we both got what we needed. Working politely and respectfully as a team with the photographer is vital to getting the perfect pictures and video for the happy couple. As you can see we got some great ‘golden hour’ footage in a meadow and romantic moments in an avenue of trees.

The last thing I filmed was the dance floor, which was filled with smiling family and friends. The whole day was full of fun but very chilled – just like the couple.

Final thoughts

The wedding was magic start to finish. South Farm is a great venue with friendly staff and I got on well with the fab photographer. I left the party smiling and full of love for the couple. It’s always a privilege being asked to capture these special days. I feel like a guest with a camera.

“We received our video yesterday and we are completely over the moon with it! Thank you so much for all the work you have done! We will recommend you to our friends!”


Emma & Aaron